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Maple Update 26.08.2016

Dear Maple Purchaser,

This week Melbourne seems to have re-located the sun’s ‘on-switch’ and we’ve been reminded that there’s hope of warmth returning to our cold-addled bone yet. Besides the usual temptations summer typically brings with it - late nights, sunburned skinned and the constant urge to overindulge - for our lucky Maple Purchasers, the warmer weather also brings you closer to settlement - which is still most likely looking to be November. Yikes!

As we’re sure you’ve found by now, we love nothing more than finding ways we can help to ensure that your settlement into Miss Maple is as smooth and seamless a process as possible, and have come up with another way to help safeguard this.

Over the past few months we’ve been scouring far and wide in search of the highest quality and best value window coverings on your behalf. And, after much consultation and consideration, are delighted to announce that we have chosen to partner with AP Shutters & Blinds.

A family owned and operated business local to Hawthorn - found just around the corner in Auburn Road, Hawthorn - the AP team have a long and proud history of delivering unparalleled products and services to match.


Working in conjunction with our own team of designers, the crew have thoughtfully selected two options that perfectly compliment Miss Maple, while also offering the latest in modern technology and design.

For those purchasers who are looking for an option that is both simple and functional, but still contemporary and stylish, AP have selected Luxaflex Roller Blinds with ‘Edge’ technology. These sleek blinds have been extensively tested to ensure that your new home will receive both reprieve from the elements and privacy when required. If however, you would like to achieve a softer, more luxurious look for your new home, AP have chosen a combination of sheer and lining drape. While providing optimum versatility to a room, aesthetically this solution will also transform the look of your space into an ethereal, sun dappled dreamscape. 

As AP are purchasing the fabric in large quantities for this special one-off order, the pricing is at a substantial discount to purchasers and, in addition, means that coverings can be installed prior to settlement. Minimising any inconvenience to you or your tenant.

Each apartment has already been individually measured and priced, so if you’re interested in finding out more details, please contact us. We’re always here to help!

Love, as always, your friends, 

Melbourne Real Estate 24.06.2016

Maple, meet our friends, Melbourne Real Estate

Another week and another update to get you excited about your impending settlement date! This update is for those of you who are thinking that you might like to lease out your apartment rather than living in it yourself.

We understand that the prospect of appointing an agent can be quite daunting, particularly with pre-settlement leasing. ANGLE, BuxtonGroup and ICD have pooled our collective experience and knowledge in this area to ensure that Maple residents will be offered the best in the business when it comes to leasing. We are therefore excited to announce that we have appointed Melbourne Real Estate (MRE) to handle the leasing and management of our beloved little Maple.

MRE come with a much deserved reputation for their dedicated and coordinated approach to project leasing, thus we are confident that they are the best fit for ensuring a superior outcome for our investor buyers. The group boast an enviable record in their approach to leasing and managing new developments and they have the results to support this.

Offering a single agent ensures that rentals are held at market prices and reduces undercutting by competing agents searching for tenants. Therefore, MRE will be the only agent permitted to pre-settlement tenant inspections prior to scheduled settlements. Until the building is handed over, it remains a construction site, consequently access is strictly limited to MRE agents. This exclusive arrangement allows purchasers the opportunity to have tenants inspect apartments and sign leases with the potential of occupation and rental income from the date of settlement.


Maple is just as dear to us as it is to you, so we went to great lengths to ensure that the best leasing and managing agent was appointed to manage her leasing. MRE was put through a rigorous selection process, and their experience in large scale projects, adequate resourcing, award winning marketing, use of video, active database of tenants and use of cutting edge technology, set them apart from the other contenders. Their innovative and high impact approach to marketing will ensure that the highest calibre of tenant is attracted.

A dedicated MRE property manager with an intimate knowledge of Maple, has been appointed to manage all aspects of your property and attend Owners' Corporation meetings on your behalf. They will be supported by a team of three leasing consultants, three business development managers and an administration staff. In addition to extensively screening applicants, your property manager conducts regular inspections and provides a written condition report, supported by a detailed video, prior to a new tenant moving in order to safeguard owners' interests.

When instructed by you, MRE can accompany you on the pre-settlement inspection or, if you are not in a position to attend, they will be pleased to inspect the property on your behalf and supply you with a video of your apartment. MRE will provide you with a rental estimate for finance purposes and complete Leasing Information Pack shortly.

We have every confidence that MRE will provide a first class solution to your property management needs at Maple. For further information, please contact the Melbourne Real Estate new business team:

Stephen Fitzsimon +61 3 9829 2920 or 0431 759 699
Jason Low +61 3 9829 2923 or 0499 874 888

May Update 26.05.2016

You are probably reading this post thinking: ‘Another update on Maple, but we just had an update! What could have possible happened in just two weeks?!’ Well, it just so happens, a lot!

It is with great amounts of giddy excitement that we can announce that our little Maple is growing up much faster than we could have even dreamed. The very talented team at Figurehead are almost mystical in their abilities and their wondrous touch has meant that it is looking like you may well be carving up the Turkey in your new kitchen this Christmas. Oh what a summer you will have! Rooftop movies at Lido. Cheeky glasses of wine at Gibson’s. Early-afternoon brunches at Bawa. Oh the Christmas joy Maple will bring.

To ensure everyone is ready to roll when the time comes around, the lovely ladies at Property Settlement Solutions will be giving you a call over the coming weeks.


They can answer any questions you may have regarding settling or merely joining in with you over the sheer joy that this very exciting news brings with it. The Property Settlement Solutions team will be in touch in no time. So, congratulations! Relish in these exciting times. Give yourself a little pat on the back. Hi-five the person sitting next to you. Do a little dance. Whatever makes you feel good about being such a smart purchaser! Next steps:

1. Call from Property Settlement Solutions
2. Organise finance and legals
3. Move in November/December
4. Celebrate!

Love your friends at Maple:
If you’d like to touch base direct feel free to chat at:
+61 3 9036 3383 or clients@settlement-solutions.com.au

Autumn Update 03.05.2016

As we while our way into the depths of Autumn, the leaves have begun to take on their signature tinged colour and every which way we turn we are constantly reminded of our little Maple.

Autumn and leaves aside, Maple has been on our minds for more wondrous reasons over the past few weeks. You may or may not have seen, but dear little Maple has been letting herself known in some rather cool circles. And, while we’ve been busily tending to the less glamorous side of bringing Maple to life - with little things like connecting water mains and pouring slabs of concrete - your bathroom has been nominated in the 2016 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards. Head on over to the Belle Nominations to check it out.


Back to those perhaps “less glamorous”, but oh so exciting, sides of the project and we can reveal that Maple is on top of the world! Well at least on the fifth floor of the world - which looks a lot like the top of the world from here! We had one of the snap happy crew capture this momentous occasion so we could all relish in the view again and again and (if you’re anything like me) again and again and maybe again...

Also creating somewhat of a stir amongst those in the know, has been the steady emergence of some very impressive new names to Hawthorn’s already iconic cultural landscape. Since it was announced that Maple would be a bright new addition to the suburb, Hawthorn has spawned new bars, eateries and even a new cinemaplex. We thought that it might be nice to get to know Maple’s new neighbours, so spent a day exploring (and indulging) in her backyard. You can live vicariously through our day of hedonism here.

Maple Builder 27.07.2015

Congratulations on being one of the lucky few who got their hands on a Maple apartment! All 51 of these spectacular apartments sold out after just a few weeks on the market, and now you get bragging rights as the proud owner of Hawthorn’s finest residence.

We’re currently working as fast as we can to ensure your bragging rights take effect sooner rather than later. To that effect, we’ve already appointed a builder so construction can begin as soon as the demolition of the display suite is completed.


On behalf of Buxton Group, ICD Property and ANGLE, we are very pleased to announce Figurehead as the builder for Maple Hawthorn. As the boutique construction company behind some of Melbourne’s finest residential offerings, Figurehead has demonstrated a like-minded commitment to quality architecture and great design that makes them the ideal appointment for the task at hand.

We’ll be sure to keep in touch with any further updates while your dream home is being built. For now, the future is looking very bright indeed.

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